Future LRT alignment in Downtown and the Beltline sets the tone for the rest of the line.

Green Line: mobility tool or commuter service?

This week, the “Green Line Team” at the city announced their initial evaluations of the various options on the alignment of the Green Line LRT through downtown. The options include permutations of underground tunnels, bridges, surface routes, and elevated railways, and are beautifully presented on the City’s Engage website. As I was looking through the options and the discussion surrounding each of them, I was conflicted. Option D (the City’s current favourite) puts everything underground, appealing to my “do it right” sensibility.

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Entire BRT program is under-budget, reallocation of funds is part of the plan.

Clearing up Southwest BRT budget concerns

With a major City of Calgary transit committee meeting involving the Southwest BRT scheduled for April 20, I thought it might be useful to put on (virtual) paper some information regarding the budget for the BRT, since up to this point it has been hard to separate fact from fiction regarding the numbers quoted from the city and from other groups interested in the project. The points outlined in this short article come from direct discussion with city officials working on the project. As far

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