Speed traps and pedestrian collisions point to places where roads may be designed for too high a speed.

Can roads be over-engineered?

Nobody likes a speeding ticket, but “speed traps” might be an indicator of a larger design problem. I’m sure many Calgarians can identify places in the city where the police like to set up and catch speeders. For me, Memorial Drive Westbound near 14 St. NW (by the CBC building) and John Laurie Boulevard as it passes 14 St NW are two places that immediately come to mind. There are many others. I’ve often wondered why there are these specific places where people speed so

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Let’s not suddenly forget what makes good cities great.

A driverless Calgary? Pump the brakes!

It seems like almost every conversation I have with people about transportation at some point turns to the topic of driverless cars. Next to “electric”, “automated” is the transportation buzzword of the day. I’ve written about it before, but with city council looking into driverless cars in Calgary, I figured it might be a good time to discuss it here. New technologies are always on the horizon. We have for years been promised super-realistic virtual realities that we can explore

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Simplified thinking for clarified thought

Cities Served Three Ways

Urban design is a very general, catch-all term that describes how cities are built. Subjects ranging from park placement to zoning restrictions are all encapsulated under this umbrella. Often we want to shape the city we live in with a vision of the future. Usually these problems are very complicated, and like anything in life we have to simplify our thinking if we would like to get anywhere. This is a great idea, and has been very effective in the

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We can all get involved in improving 11 and 12 Avenue.

Playing with the street: Green Line LRT in Beltline

On a Jane’s Walk through the Warehouse District of the Beltline that will see part of the new Green Line LRT, Councillor Evan Woolley suggested that the LRT is likely to come down either 11 Ave S and/or 12 Ave S, or perhaps further entwine the coupled nature of 11 and 12th Avenues by running one direction on each street. Either way, the cost to put that small section underground is prohibitively high, so it’s likely that it will run street

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Reserved parking allows for better management of inefficient use, not price gouging.

What does 100% reserved park and ride really mean?

On Wednesday, May 18 the city’s Transportation and Transit committee talked at length about the current and future state of the Park and Ride system in Calgary. A very thorough report was drafted by Niel McKendrick, you can read the whole thing here. Given the amount of delightful back-and-forth this has created, including pretty strong comments from Mayor Nenshi, I thought it would be a good idea to give some more detail on the decision not covered in the Herald article.

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Strong public transit is critical to Calgary becoming a world class city and public transit users must be heard.

Why Calgarians don’t love YYC transit

As many of Calgarians have already noticed, the last few years have launched a cultural battle over the soul of our city. And the canary in the coal mine? Public transit. Since I started chairing the #iloveyyctransit committee, I realize more than ever that Calgary is a city in the midst of a metamorphosis. CBC’s series “Calgary at a Crossroads” nervously discusses what Calgary is in an economic downturn, as if we previously were just a collection of jobs and

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Look at the telltale signs of people, they will tell you what the street needs.

Calgary’s hidden desire lines

There’s a wonderful urban planning principle that what we build for, we will get. The idea is if we build for cars and traffic, we will get cars and traffic. If we build for people, we will get people. The problem is that it’s sometimes difficult to figure out what exactly “building for people” looks like. People are behind the wheel of all those cars, after all, but they are also increasingly on foot, bicycle, and transit. The needs of cars have been studied extensively for many

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