The Green Line will not be immune to crowding, so how do we plan for it?

Relieving C-Train Crowding: More trains or longer trains?

The C-Train certainly gets a lot of heavy use, especially during peak period. This is largely in part due to Calgary’s high downtown parking rates and relatively poor road access to the core, but the steady increase in ridership is thanks to the lengthening of the network including the addition of the West LRT arm, and a gradual intensification around C-Train stations that is all part of the move towards transit oriented development. At this point it doesn’t seem to matter when

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Vision Zero calls for 30km/h limits for a solid reason: physics.

Let’s talk speed limits

Earlier this year there was some noise made in city council about reducing residential speed limits to as low as 30km/h. In general I would say that the idea was met with scepticism from councillors and the public alike. Since Councillor Carra brought the issue up again on Twitter while at RailVolution, I was inspired tackle the discussion that I had avoided back in April. The main driver for discussing this change is pedestrian safety. For that reason, the discussion that follows is based on

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How rethinking our transportation choices can help us (and Calgary) weather the downturn

Feeling broke? Try driving less.

We need no reminder that we are currently in a recession, and many businesses are in the process of cutting costs and finding ways to become more efficient. Individuals are also rethinking their spending habits, and one of the easiest ways that we can save money is by reevaluating how we get around. Before you throw up your hands and claim that Calgary is an autocentric city and there is absolutely no way that you can travel otherwise, consider the

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We need to protect the most vulnerable people first

What do “Beg Buttons” really represent?

When I watched the American presidential “debate” last Monday, I was not expecting anything from that spectacle to tie into an article on pedestrian crossings, but here it is. For me, the most poignant thing I heard in that debate was during the discussion on racial issues. Clinton said, quite simply, that we are all implicitly biased when it comes to racial issues, and she is right. I like to think that we have, in the recent past, come to

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