Safety breeds diversity, the network makes it useful.

Why Calgary’s cycle tracks are exceeding expectations

There are, in my mind, two key ingredients to a useful and popular transportation system of any mode: Diversity and connectivity. Today’s feature image on the left sent to Calgarians for Cycle Tracks really encapsulates this first ingredient. The cycle track, more than any other cycling infrastructure, draws people to it because it allows people of all ages, backgrounds, and confidence to travel in our city by bike. Our whole city should be a safe, healthy place for children (even after dark), because a

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Calgarians’ travel behaviour is reflected in Car2Go use and planning.

What Car2Go can teach us about Calgary

Car sharing services have been around for a long time, but when Car2Go arrived in Calgary its popularity and apparent success exploded almost immediately. Anywhere you go in the city core you see these iconic blue and white Smart Cars zipping by. If you are not familiar with Car2Go, the system is pretty simple: After you sign up, you can hop in any unoccupied car and drive anywhere inside a Home Area (see map below). You can leave your car in

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Why you shouldn’t mind a few new neighbours

It’s time we embraced density

Lets try an experiment, take a minute to look at the two pictures below. What words come to mind?                 If you break into a cold sweat and the words panic, traffic and crime rush into your head, then you may be like many Calgarians’ who suffer from a fear of pleasant, walkable, dense places. What is often referred to as the “D-word” in planning, or density, has long been vilified and associated with traffic, crime and a

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Applying some basic design principles to the C-Train information system.

Improving C-Train signs

About a year ago, Calgary Transit changed the look of their digital signs that adorn every LRT station platform. My understanding is that the responsibility for these signs has shifted over to the signals and switches department. Anecdotally, I can attest that the accuracy of the real-time information has improved. This is key for a good transit sign. As a regular LRT user, I am assuming that the intended purpose of these signs are twofold: to provide customers with updated information

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What would a Green Line LRT/BRT hybrid look like?

Green Line: When bus meets train

Believe it or not, Calgary’s Green Line LRT was originally going to be a rapid bus service. The project included two parts: a North Transitway which was to be aligned on Centre Street, and a SE Transitway which was to proceed from the Centre City out into the Southeast, following the current Green Line alignment. As funding opportunities came from both the Federal and Provincial governments, we had the chance to turn the project into something truly forward-thinking: A massive LRT line

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