“Pass or fail” doesn’t work in transportation systems. Nuanced understanding does.

Cycle Tracks: When numbers and politics collide

It’s been quite an interesting week for Calgary’s cycle track pilot project. The December 8 Transportation and Transit meeting ended at 9:30pm without an official recommendation, leaving the project in limbo until Monday’s city council meeting. During that committee meeting, Peter McCaffrey, “Director of Research” from the conservative think tank Manning Centre, threw a frantic list of accusations at city officials, claiming that officials had changed their target numbers for the pilot project halfway through to make the targets easier

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Even predicting the near future is difficult, but could we be doing it better?

Digging into real time bus prediction

As a thank you for reading, I’m going to let you in on a not-so-well-guarded secret. If you are an even moderately frequent transit user in Calgary, you may be aware that Calgary Transit has an app. It turns out that their app is just a re-skinned and stripped down version of a wonderful transit app called, not surprisingly, TransitApp. So far as I can tell, TransitApp has all the features of the Calgary Transit version, and then some. There

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Arenas and large venues should embrace the power of transit

How Green Line can serve the Stampede

This week, the city’s Transportation and Transit Committee will hear about the work being done narrowing down the route the Green Line LRT will take through the Beltline. As it stands currently, the 12 Avenue corridor is looking the most promising. Much of the discussion about Green Line in the Beltline has been focused on the eastern portion, namely the section East of the McLeod Trail/1St. SE Couplet, up to the river. For reference, here’s a map of the suggested

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