Truly new modes of transportation are rare, but hyperloop might just fit the bill

The Calgary-Edmonton Hyperloop

I want to propose another pipeline for Alberta. Only this time, it’s for people. In 2013 Elon Musk proposed a “new” type of transportation system. I say “new” with quotations because the idea has been around for a while, but Musk has put his own, sensible spin on the situation to try and bring it to reality. He has called this system Hyperloop. Usually, the first time I explain Hyperloop to someone, they smile wistfully at the idea like I am

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Let’s take advantage of the beauty and efficiency of our city grid

Calgary Transit should embrace the grid

When I talk transportation with Calgary’s politicians, residents, and planners I will inevitably hear some form of the phrase “Calgary was designed for the car.” Upon hearing or saying that, many people shrug and give me a “what can you do?” look. I disagree with the sentiment on two levels. For one, cars are not to blame for how our city operates. The fact that 75% of trips in Calgary are made by car is not because neighbourhood planners gleefully plopped down

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Calgary’s now-permanent cycle infrastructure opens new doors of convenience

SoBi: Hamilton’s route to bike share success

By simple virtue of there being may cities in the world, most innovative transportation and urban planning ideas will not be new to Calgary. We can, and we should, learn from other cities around the world. While it is easy to insist that “Calgary is not Amsterdam”, or “Calgary is different”, the fact is that most cities face the same challenges of geometry and mobility. Solutions that work in other cities have promise in ours. Bike share systems are one of those innovative

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Some of our most valuable land is not being used to it’s real potential

Calgary’s downtown railway needs to serve Calgarians

There are a few things that almost every city in the world has in common. For example, cities are often situated on a river, lake, or ocean, both to provide a source of food and drink and to provide a built-in transportation option. In North America, in addition to rivers many towns and cities were and are built on a railway. As the railway companies pushed westward, towns developed around them for the same reason they do around water: railways were

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