Lynn is a Transportation Analyst at Bunt & Associates where he helps to design communities and transportation systems that are multi-modal and sustainable. He is a passionate urbanist who loves to explore new cities, travel and sample craft beer in his spare time.

Why you shouldn’t mind a few new neighbours

It’s time we embraced density

Lets try an experiment, take a minute to look at the two pictures below. What words come to mind?                 If you break into a cold sweat and the words panic, traffic and crime rush into your head, then you may be like many Calgarians’ who suffer from a fear of pleasant, walkable, dense places. What is often referred to as the “D-word” in planning, or density, has long been vilified and associated with traffic, crime and a

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How rethinking our transportation choices can help us (and Calgary) weather the downturn

Feeling broke? Try driving less.

We need no reminder that we are currently in a recession, and many businesses are in the process of cutting costs and finding ways to become more efficient. Individuals are also rethinking their spending habits, and one of the easiest ways that we can save money is by reevaluating how we get around. Before you throw up your hands and claim that Calgary is an autocentric city and there is absolutely no way that you can travel otherwise, consider the

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