If transit is about serving people, a strong core is everything.

The Green Line through the lens of density

There’s been a lot of hubbub about the Green Line in the past few weeks. First, a Herald article about an internal document on phasing the project – building the city centre parts of the route first, and adding on as funding allows. Then, Mayor Nenshi’s response about avoiding phasing. More recently, the city has floated some possible changes in the alignment through Ramsay, to the ire of some residents. It seems that the Green Line project has gained some

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Calgary’s now-permanent cycle infrastructure opens new doors of convenience

SoBi: Hamilton’s route to bike share success

By simple virtue of there being may cities in the world, most innovative transportation and urban planning ideas will not be new to Calgary. We can, and we should, learn from other cities around the world. While it is easy to insist that “Calgary is not Amsterdam”, or “Calgary is different”, the fact is that most cities face the same challenges of geometry and mobility. Solutions that work in other cities have promise in ours. Bike share systems are one of those innovative

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“Pass or fail” doesn’t work in transportation systems. Nuanced understanding does.

Cycle Tracks: When numbers and politics collide

It’s been quite an interesting week for Calgary’s cycle track pilot project. The December 8 Transportation and Transit meeting ended at 9:30pm without an official recommendation, leaving the project in limbo until Monday’s city council meeting. During that committee meeting, Peter McCaffrey, “Director of Research” from the conservative think tank Manning Centre, threw a frantic list of accusations at city officials, claiming that officials had changed their target numbers for the pilot project halfway through to make the targets easier

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