Transit, cycling, and driving all require some semblance of a network to thrive

It takes a network

Many North American cities suffer from a polarization between those that live in what I will refer to as the core (older, denser, inner area) and the edge (less dense, more car dependent). Transit consultant Jarrett Walker has seen it many times: In just about every North American regional transit debate I’ve ever been involved in, someone has said:  “Why is all this money being spent on transit downtown!  Downtown already has lots of transit, while out here in ___, we have nothing!” Some of the

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Support for SWBRT is there, it just doesn’t carry pitchforks.

The fallacy of vocal dissent on the SW Transitway

In response to a town hall hosted by her and her alone (no City staff were present), Diane Colley-Urquhart has decided to bow to the will of a small collection of angry voters who she apparently feels forms a representative sample of her constituents (despite the fact that the opposition is spearheaded by residents of Eagle Ridge, which are in Councillor Pincott’s riding). She has decided to pull her support for the Southwest BRT project, despite campaigning on it in the previous election. Unfortunately, it appears

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Entire BRT program is under-budget, reallocation of funds is part of the plan.

Clearing up Southwest BRT budget concerns

With a major City of Calgary transit committee meeting involving the Southwest BRT scheduled for April 20, I thought it might be useful to put on (virtual) paper some information regarding the budget for the BRT, since up to this point it has been hard to separate fact from fiction regarding the numbers quoted from the city and from other groups interested in the project. The points outlined in this short article come from direct discussion with city officials working on the project. As far

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Park and Ride goes directly against the goals of Calgary Transit.

No Park and Ride needed for BRT

I’ve been participating in the City of Calgary’s online discussion for the BRT, and there is much talk about park and ride, and why they are necessary to make the route a success. After all, they are in a large part the reason the LRT has such successful core-commuting ridership numbers, so they should be included in all new high-volume transit plans, right? First, let’s make it clear. From the city website: There are no plans to include Park and Rides

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Transitway a net positive, but has some potential drawbacks.

Critiquing Calgary’s southwest transitway

Note: This article was originally published on February 25, 2016 at Klumpentown. It was featured in a Metro news article, and I discussed the issue on News/Talk 770. Recently, the City of Calgary has been developing ‘transitways’ for a couple of areas of the city which have been deemed to lack sufficient high-speed transit service, but do not warrant a larger-capacity type service such as an LRT line. Today I am going to try my hand at something new: critique,

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