We are very good at calculating costs, but bad at tabulating benefits.

Green Line: Let’s talk about money

If you are a semi-occasional reader of Spur, you might have noticed that I tend to avoid talking about costs when discussing projects like the Green Line. I very rarely talk about specific dollar values, and when I speak on the radio I tend to avoid them as well. Part of the reason is that I often don’t have access to meaningful numbers. Sure, reports come out here and there about how much the project is going to cost, but these

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Taking advantage of human nature can be a cost saving

Fare enforcement and the perception of risk

Not long ago, at Brentwood Station, I had a wonderful interaction with a some Calgary Transit peace officers. They were checking fares at the door, and I passed them on my way to the pub. A few hours later, on my way back, they were still there checking tickets. Since this happened to be the third time I’d had my ticket checked that day, I piped up and said “boy you guys are active today, eh?”. The peace officer, presumably sensing

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Affordable and Convenient Entertainment .

Why You Should Attend Calgary Fringe

Fringe Festivals take place all across the world. The first one was started in Edinburgh, Scotland in  1947, and has since grown to be the largest arts festival in the world. On a more Canadian note the first city to Fringe in Canada was Edmonton in 1982, and as a result their Fringe Festival has matured to feature nearly 40 venues with over 200 shows (their festival takes place just after Calgary’s and might be worth checking out too). I have never attended

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